Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pieces of a Puzzle

     Well, I'm not back yet, as far as getting back to practice but I had an idea last night that I thought would help me get over this slump.
     First, I will break this piece into 5 parts, like a puzzle:

  1. Section 1: Bars 1 to 24 - this is the section I've been beating up the last two weeks.
  2. Section 2: Bars 25 to 40 
  3. Section 3: The lyrical middle section - I've got this part memorized
  4. Section 4: Bars 83 to 102 - Oh, the dreaded Section 1 again but even worse, now at a faster tempo!
  5. Section 5: Bars 103 - 138 - Finale
     So, when I'm ready to return to the piano, I plan to work on Sections 2 and 3 and only work on Section 1 when I'm in the mood for it. I've also decided that I will post videos of passages I'm having trouble with and get feedback rather than beat those areas to pieces and burning myself out.

     What do you think? Does this sound like a reasonable plan?  I'm still taking a break for now but I'll be back!

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