Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fantasie Impromptu - Two weeks later


Kyle_Ramos said...

Hey Choo!

Wow, that's really an improvement over the last video. You are a doing an excellent job in my opinion. There's not much I can say about it cause your doing great.

What I did is play slow like you until I finished memorizing all the first section of this piece, just before the slower middle part. Then I just practiced to getting the speed up. And to be honest, I still go back sometimes playing slowly the hardest bars which I still don't feel very comfortable.

It's a very rewarding piece when you start getting it done with pedal and speed.

When did you start playing piano if I may ask you? Just curious!

Best wishes

Choo Choo Love said...

Hi Kyle:

Thanks for your comment. I will practice the way you did, slowly for the first section till I get to that soulful middle section, then work on speeding it up and putting the pedal to it.

I started late, when I was about 19 and I didn't have a piano as my family couldn't afford one so I had to rent my first piano.

How about you? When did you start?

Warmest regards,


Kyle_Ramos said...

Hi Choo

For me, you started quite young!

Don't get shocked, I started when I was 25, but that was in February, I'm now 26, so I've been playing for almost a year now. I had some previous knowledge in music since I played guitar, so I already knew how to read music for example. I know that may sound unlikely, but it's what just happened to me this year.

I just decided to follow this path and be a pianist, so I've been studying everyday quite a lot, and I got a good teacher. Also, it's interesting that I'm going to move to Canada in January to study at a conservatory in Calgary, and I just noticed you are from Canada! I'm from Brazil by the way.

I'm waiting for you next videos!
Take care!


Choo Choo Love said...

Hi Kyle:

You may get a very rude shock when you arrive in Calgary in January!! I mean the cold, of course, compared to the warmth of Brazil. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to come up to Canada in the winter when it's so nice and balmy in their own country! I need to trade places with you.

What?!? You've only been playing the piano for less than one year and you completed this piece in 2 months? What conservatory are you going to be attending?

I'm kinda stuck on the new section, can't move past that off beat accent and I may grow very old before I get it - if I get it!

Thanks once again for your encouragement.


Kyle_Ramos said...

Hahaha I know, I'm trying to get ready psychologically because of the cold in Canada.
I just hope I can adapt to it. How's the cold in Winnipeg like?

But I have to go, because education in Canada is so superior then in Brazil as well as the opportunities, the competitions, and what not. Brazil is just not a country for classical music and piano. Even my teacher encouraged me to go if I really want to do this.

I'm going to attend Mount Royal Conservatory in Calgary. Do you know it?

Keep up the good work Choo
When I first got to bar 14 I thought I was not going to be able to play it right any soon. But eventually it just felt easier, and I thought ok, I think I can do it.


Choo Choo Love said...

Winnipeg is the coldest large city in North America. So you can imagine how cold it can get here! A few years ago, my friend spent a winter in Kazakhstan which is close to Siberia and the winter in Winnipeg was colder than the winter in Kazakhstan! No kidding!

Calgary should be milder because of the Chinook effect. They often have a good number of days in the winter that are above freezing. Not so here.

I don't know the Mt Royal Conservatory. I looked it up online and it looks pretty good. Are you planning on doing a BA in Music program? Did you have to attend an audition? I'd love to hear you play this piece.

Kyle_Ramos said...
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Kyle_Ramos said...

I was doing a research about the temperature in Calgary and it tops about -20, but mostly of the winter days go between -8 and 0. Well I never been to such cold. This year in the winter here in Brazil we got a minimum of 4, and that was really cold already! But you know what, I never seen the snow, so I'm kind excited about it! maybe I'm crazy!

Well I just found out about Mt Royal conservatory cause there is a pianist I like very much named Yuja Wang, and she studied there after leaving China, so I thought it would be good one. After looking up the faculty I found out a Japanese teacher that graduated from Curtis in US, one of the greatest schools for classical music out there, I emailed her, and she asked me to send a couple videos to see my playing before accepting me as her student. So it was kind of a screening audition. Then she accepted me. The videos were not perfect but for the little time I play I guess she just put some faith on me. She also suggested me a couple pieces to start learning to get a headstart when I get there. So I'm working on then by now, but also this Fantasie-Impromptu should be a surprise for her, she's not expecting to hear that from me. But what I'm doing at Mt Royal is credit free program. My goal is to have private classes with her for 2 or 3 years, than trying to audition in a good school in US like Curtis or Juilliard. That's really a very hard goal, and I don't know if I will be able to do, but at least I will try it and see what happens.

I will try to make a good recording of it, I just have a test one that I play just before the middle slower part if you want, but I will try to record a complete one.

Choo Choo Love said...

Calgary is milder than Winnipeg. Aren't you glad? Ha ha ha! Brazil sounds so nice and warm. I dream of tropical forests and beaches.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Well, the teacher must have felt that you had potential or she wouldn't have accepted you. What pieces does she have you practicing?

I've heard of Curtis and definitely heard of Julliard! I applaud you for being ambitious. It's wonderful that you're following your dreams. I'm sure you'll do well.

Kyle_Ramos said...

Here is my youtube channel:

I live in Sao Paulo, its a huge metropolis, so no beaches and litte green, its like a lesser new york.

My teacher got me to practice a Bach prelude and fugue from the WTC, book 1, no2 in C minor, and also a Haydn sonata, HOB XVI no.34 in E minor. Also she asked a Brahms Ballade no1 if I had time.

I will do everything I can to get to one of those schools, at least if I don't get to be a concert pianist, I would be satisfied with myself graduating from one of them.

Choo Choo Love said...

Thanks for the link to your Youtube channel. I couldn't find your Fantasie Impromptu videoclip. Is it there? I'm not good at all this internet stuff. Always getting lost.