Tuesday, December 20, 2011


     I didn't think I'd be putting up this post so soon. Last night and tonight, I've been working on the exercises that Birba had shown me.  Tonight, after almost an hour's practice doing the exercises, I decided to try playing hands together from bars 13 to 20 and surprise, surprise, I managed to play the on beat accented part AND the off beat accented part pretty well! His exercises are amazing!



Kyle_Ramos said...

Birba is a true master, just look at him!!

I'm happy you are making such a progress Choo, you are working so hard this piece. I guess you had the same feeling I had when I started this piece, once I overcame the 4 to 3 notes problem, the first page went in a breeze, then I had some problems on the chromatic scales, but that was it.

Now I'm struggling quite a bit on the last bars, when you get there, you will understand why. The hand stretch is too large and before that, just after you finish the main theme again, it's quite difficult to manage.

This piece has 8 or 9 pages long but it isn't that long since the first 2 pages repeat in the end and the slower middle section repeats a lot too.

I can't wait to get to Calgary and practice everyday on a Kawai Grand! oh my god, I'm so excited about this! Quite a dream, you understand I know!

Well keep up the good work Choo! I'm doing my best as well with my Etude, I just finished memorizing it and now I'm focusing on the harder passages, and then connecting all of them, to at least work on the speed up. I will try to record a video this week, or maybe I will let for the other when I maybe, will be able to play it entirely slowly, I'm still making a lot of mistakes.


Choo Choo Love said...

Lucky you! I wish I could have a grand piano. A baby grand will do but our house is too crammed to put one in and my husband won't give up any furniture! The big dining table that no one uses is more important to him than a baby grand that I'll play on everyday!!

I took a look at my sheet music. Do you mean the stretch from E# to G#? I need to go to my piano and try it out.

I'm glad that Birba is helping you with the Etude. I was wondering when he'd show up and he did. He is a terrific teacher, even though he's not a teacher. He's the best teacher I've ever had!

Kyle_Ramos said...

No way!! Your husband needs to let the dining table go! We're talking about a baby grand here! There's no way to compare which is more important! I would sleep on the floor and have a grand in my room ha ha!

Yeah, exactly the E# to G# stretch, and then the F-D#-G#-F# line, is quite difficult to move your hand pianissimo and play every note accurate, there is just not much space to do it, and creates a large stretch if you use the fingering 4-2-5-1.

I'm glad birba is so considerate to make videos for us! He's really blessed.

Choo Choo Love said...
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