Friday, December 2, 2011

Fantasie Impromptu - One Week Later


Kyle_Ramos said...

Hello Choo!

My name is Kyle, and I just started learning this piece about.. 2 months ago If I remember correctly, maybe a little less. And just now I got able to play the entire thing up to speed, I plan on recording it soon too, but I still make some mistakes, its difficult to get a clean play through because my arms get quite fatigued, I still don't have a lot of stamina cause I started playing piano not long ago, and this quite a demanding piece. Also I play on a digital piano, and when I get to play at the conservatory on a real piano, its always difficult to adapt cause of the heavier keys.

For me, the harder passage of this entire piece is bar number 8. Maybe its just me, but I still struggle to play it correctly up to speed. Also bars 14 and 16 are hard to play correctly.

I think 4-6 months is a good amount of time to get this mastered. You can play it on a technical level before, but getting a good interpretation paying attention to every detail and dynamics is going to consume more time.

I really enjoy your blog and I plan on checking it regularly to see your progress =)


Choo Choo Love said...

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Kyle. It's encouraging that you've managed to learn this piece in about 2 months. I look forward to saying that soon - that I've learned to play this whole piece.