Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'm so frustrated. I've been practicing quite a lot the last few days and it seems that the more I practice, the worse it gets. Now bars 7-8 are all messed up!! I was doing better when I was practicing a lot less. Oh!! Has anyone else experienced this? I think I either need to slow down, start all over again, or take a day off.


Kyle_Ramos said...

That's very common Choo. There is this guy on pianostreet forums, by the name of Bernhard, I don't know if you know him, his quite one of the biggest and oldest member of the forum, I already read some good posts of him talking about the right way to practice and that stuff, and he says that we should never overplay what is perfected, mostly when you already practiced for some hours and are fatigued, because you will start making little mistakes on what was already perfected, and then all of a sudden you are playing messy again. So its of highest importance knowing when to stop practicing. Since we are humans when we make a mistake our first reaction is to correct, which would lead to more mistakes. So rest and come back the other day with a clear mind and get the section perfected again, and stop.

you can read his post here:,4689.msg44184.html#msg44184

Choo Choo Love said...

Cool, Kyle! Very good advice, indeed. When I was practicing one hour a day, I seemed to be doing better at that passage than I am now I'm working at it 2 hours a day! But of course, I'm also working on the other sections. So I think I'll take a day off, scale down the practice back to an hour and see what happens. There's no hurry to complete this piece in lightning speed anyway. Thanks for the link. I'll go and take a look at it.