Friday, December 16, 2011

Fantasie Impromptu - Three Weeks Later


Kyle_Ramos said...

Hey Choo!

That's very good! You are able to already play that first part (until bar 13) at a good speed, using pedal and not making note mistakes.

But something sounds off, I think that's where I fail as a teacher, but I am definitely hearing something off in your playing on that part. I think it's your right hand that is rushing a little and not playing the matching notes at the same time with your left hand at some bars. It's not perfectly synchronized yet I guess.

As for the middle part (bars 13 and forward) you're doing a really good practice, the accented notes really have to sound more than anything, but we have to hear the other a little more, maybe its your camera microphone, or the position (left side) so we hear you left hand a lot more. This is also true for the first part, I'm hearing too much left hand, its as loud as the right.

The same at the slower moderatto cantabile part. You're playing good, but left hand is too loud for a performance level. But you know, you are still practicing and getting the notes right, so it doesn't matter too much by now, when you go up the speed you can worry more about this dynamics in my opinion. Also work on those grace notes, give it more passion in my opinion. In this part you have to be very gentle to your piano, don't smash any notes too much.

Well, that's my opinion, others will give other advices, probably better than mine =)

Take care
Kyle said...

I thought I had it rough, trying to make my fingers know the basic guitar cords.
Watching you working on the piano keys really makes me quit feeling sorry for myself.
Wonderfully inspiring. Wish I could offer you some back-up, help, suggestions. NO CAN DO.
Keep at it!!!!!!!!!!!

Choo Choo Love said...

Thanks, Guy and Kyle. It takes a bit of work but I know that in the end, it will be worthwhile. Fantasie Impromptu is a piece that I want to play before I die. You know, there are books out there that talk about things you should see or do before you die ...well, I'm working on one thing I'd like to be able to do before I die! With all the support from my forum members, I should get it.