Friday, December 23, 2011

Practice makes perfect ...but how much?

My new PianoStreet forum friend, Kyle, shared a practice tip link with me after reading about my frustrations:,4689.msg44184.html#msg44184

Well, I don't think I'll ever over practice due to family responsibilities so no worries about that! 
I usually begin practicing late at night, about 10:30 PM but I think I'll try and break my practice over the day, starting with a half hour in the morning, if possible.  I'm not a morning person so that may be difficult to do. Afternoons are usually too busy so I'll continue at night, a half hour at a time, perhaps for a total of 1.5 hours. Something like that.

Since I continue to have some problems with certain passages, I'm working on them slowly again and then speeding up. It seems to be working fairly well though I do mess up now and then. Well, I hope to have a video in a day or two. It's still a mess but I'd like to record my progress to document my one month mark in learning this piece.


Kyle_Ramos said...

But you know what is funny Choo? I enjoy playing the piece over and over, it's a pleasure for me to play something I finally got able to play correctly. But really have to be careful not to mess it up again

Choo Choo Love said...

I feel the same. If I have finally got it, I enjoy playing it over and over. It's fun, then, but when you mess up, oh! You have to go back to re-work it, slow down, etc etc. Not so much fun but I guess everyone goes through those stages of messing up when they're learning. I watch the Katsaris video and that little girl can play the bar 7-8 passage so many times and not mess up. Birba, too, can play it over and over without messing up. How do they do it?