Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Piano Sage and Practice Update

     Well, I've been watching the tutorial that Birba made for me and working on lightening up and loosening up my wrists, also doing a lot of hands separate practice and speeding up the tempo hands together (trying to do it without muddling up).

     Another Piano Street Forum member recommended The Piano Sage website and it's a tremendous resource for anyone who is learning this piece or any other pieces. Paul Barton gives a wonderful lecture about this piece with detailed analysis and history and he also shows you how to play certain parts of this piece. Of course, he makes it all look so easy. When he shows the TRLRLR pattern for learning to play the 4 notes against 3, he plays it so evenly. Unfortunately, when I do it, it doesn't sound like that at all. But if I keep watching him do it, I might learn to do it right. So for bars 13 - 24 where the accent first falls on the 1st beat for 4 bars and then on the off beat for the remainder, I am starting to practice them the way Paul Barton demonstrates.

     I am beginning to work on the middle Moderato Cantabile section, which is my favorite part of this piece.

     I hope to be able to have a video update in the next few days or by the weekend, at the latest. I'll be back! And I hope you'll keep visiting. Thanks for stopping by.


jug32@comcast.net said...

Got you note this morning, Choo, that you made it open for placing comments.
Still feeling my way around with this stuff but I do see your comments about THE PIANO SAGE and Paul Barton. Guy

Choo Choo Love said...

Thanks, Guy. I don't know why your comment is showing up in a different window but as long as you're able to post, it's great!